10 tips to use a computer durable

Along with the strong development of modern life, the computer is becoming closer and closer. It brings the world to you, but it can also take it away if you don't care for it and use it with care.

1. General cleaning: One of the common causes of the situation of the computer becoming hot as a furnace is due to dust, grime and dirt inside the machine. Therefore, you need to keep the computer clean both inside and outside.
Currently you can buy cleaning kits and cooling fans for laptops that are available in the market to easily clean them. Help clean the dirt, ensure safety and cool down the computer. For desktops, you should clean the dirt inside the case. There are many things to clean, including the motherboard, CPU, RAM, expansion cards, cooling fans and the slots. When cleaning, remember to turn off the power, unplug the power cord, wear eye protection and a dust mask to protect you from breathing in dust when cleaning.

This should be done at least once a year.

2. Use a voltage stabilizer: The computer is very sensitive to sudden changes of current, just a sudden electrical problem such as power outages, power surges, short circuits, etc. can also cause damage. hard drive or explosion board ... Therefore, you should equip your computer with a voltage regulator or a UPS - UPS as possible.

3. Power off the screen: Most current monitors have automatic shutdown when they exit the operating system, but that doesn't mean they don't use electricity, as evidenced by the screen switch. bright or flashing. Actually, the screen is only "sleeping" and still active (using electricity to "sleep").
If this condition persists for a long time, the screen will weaken (for CRT monitors) or appear bad pixels (for LCDs). Therefore, you should take the time to turn off the screen power when not working with the computer anymore, to give the machine time to rest and recover "health".

4. To keep the system running: Unlike the screen, which should turn off completely every time you exit the operating system, the computer system should always be operational. Many people do not realize that booting a computer from the "cold" state of parts such as the power supply, motherboard, hard drive ... will greatly reduce their life expectancy. Imagine a player going to the field without starting, how long will he play football ?! The workaround is that you should put your computer to sleep in Hibernation mode instead of shutdown completely when not working with it anymore.

5. Health check for hard drive: This job is very simple, from the My Computer window, right-click the hard drive icon you want to check, select Properties \ Tools \ Check now. You can also use other professional software to check more closely. If the program detects that the hard drive has many errors or bad sectors, you should immediately back up the important data before repairing.

6. Antivirus: You can use programs of high quality VN such as Bkav 2006, D32 (small capacity, support Vietnamese) or foreign goods such as Norton Antivirus 2006, Panda Titanium 2006, Symantec Antivirus ...

7. Check the CMOS battery: This tiny battery is also called a battery because it uses its power to "feed" the information set in the BIOS to make the system bootable. To check the status of the battery, just watch the system clock, if it starts to run slowly, the battery will be about to "drain" and you should quickly replace the new battery.

8. Be careful when opening the case: Whenever you plan to open the case, remember to turn off the power and unplug the power plug from the electrical outlet. When touching components inside the case, let your body directly ground or through a conductive object or wear an antistatic wrist strap to avoid damaging the boards due to static interaction. electricity.

9. Mouse maintenance: After a period of use, the mouse will be covered with dust and grime. For ball mice, you will find that the movement of it is not as smooth as when you just bought it, but you started to "curry tomatoes" when you walk, sometimes jump around. To clean it, use a small, dirty scraper on the rollers (the part that comes in contact with the ball), the wheel, and wipe the ball with a towel. For optical mice, you can simply scrape the dust off the scroll wheel.

10. Clean up the Registry: You like to play computer should regularly install, remove test programs on the system. After a while, you will find the system slowly becoming confusing. The main reason is that the information of removed applications still exists in the Registry and more and more. As a result, the Registry enlarges with quite a bit of junk. To wipe out these junk to make the computer run faster.