Artificial intelligence completes Beethoven's unfinished 10th symphony

A group of musicians and programmers will use artificial intelligence to complete the unfinished part of the 10th Symphony of German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, in 2020 to celebrate the 250th birthday. your.

Starting with a few notes that Beethoven wrote in a notebook before his death in 1827, researchers planned to use computer software in conjunction with artificial intelligence to complete the rest. of Symphony No. 10.

Artificial intelligence is expected to complete the unfinished Symphony No. 10 of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Machine learning software has been trained on all of Beethoven's previous work. This initiative is sponsored by Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunications company.

The progress has been impressive, even though computers still have a lot to learn, says Christ Christine Siegert, head of the archive at Beethoven House in Bon, Germany.

However, Barry Cooper, an English composer and composer, who wrote a potential follow-up to the 1988 Symphony No. 10 in 1988, is not sure whether the remix was created by artificial intelligence. successful or not.

"I heard a short excerpt was created. It didn't seem like a convincing re-enactment of what Beethoven intended. However, there was scope for improvement with the next work," Cooper, a professor at Manchester University said.

Earlier efforts to complete the unfinished works of famous composers Ludwig van Beethoven were not so successful and were not appreciated by critics.