China invented graphene mask for 48 hours

China's Aero Engine, a manufacturer of aircraft components, announced on April 7 that it has successfully developed a new facemask made of graphene.

Graphene is a material made from pure carbon with the thickness of only one atom, but 200 times stronger than steel, although 60,000 times thinner than food bags, has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. . This is a popular, promising, dimensional nanostructured material for use in aviation, energy and biopharmaceuticals.

Producing medical masks at factories in Guangdong Province, China, March 17, 2020. (Artwork: THX / TTXVN).

According to the AECC, researchers put graphene-polypropylene (polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer) on melt-blown nonwoven (capable of filtering gas, bacteria, dirt and water) to create into the main filter layer of the mask.

When graphene is applied, masks will have stronger antibacterial properties and increased durability. In addition, the new mask also makes use of graphene's nanoknife effect to destroy the bacterial cell walls.

Compared to the non-woven fabric used in current masks, graphene-polypropylene filter also helps users breathe easier.

In addition, this new type of respirator has a service time of more than 48 hours, much longer than conventional masks.

The AECC emphasized that graphene and its derivatives have many advantages, including high antibacterial and antiviral properties, better biocompatibility, while technological requirements are quite simple.

Beijing-based AECC's Institute of Aerospace Materials has developed production lines of antibacterial graphene and graphene. The institute has also developed an experimental production line of graphene masks.