Fight "crazy legs" with a virtual tour of 10 famous science museums

No need to visit the site to admire the wonders, the following 10 museums have digitized sightseeing tours for everyone to visit right at home.

In the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic season, which was booming globally, the aviation and tourism industry seemed to be frozen, and the fascist followers had to stay locked in four walls. So if you want to visit the museums to learn more about science and technology, please visit the following virtual reality tours.

Different from traditional small-screen travel, which is confined to the photographer's photo frame, virtual reality tours allow you to experience every angle you desire. Not only images but also videos, speakers, interact with artifacts, ... make the experience of travelers more real.

American National Museum of Natural History

This is a world-class and world-renowned museum managed by the Smithsonian Institution, located in the middle of Washington, D.C. crowded. Not only overwhelmed by the amount of artifacts and knowledge, it also organizes online tours for people around the world.

Although not as comprehensive as when you visit in reality, but the virtual tour will help you visualize the grandeur here here through 360-degree photos throughout the museum. Display areas for mammals, insects, dinosaurs or paleontologists further confirmed the quality of the tour.

In addition, another advantage of the virtual reality tour is that visitors to the shows have stopped displaying.

Langley Research Center of NASA

Located in Virginia, Langley Center is on a par with this airline's Glenn center. At Langley, visitors visiting the virtual reality tour will have the opportunity to admire the most important technological inventions in human history without leaving their homes, such as spacecraft, amphibious ships, ...

More specifically, your trip is also packed by technicians here in a phone software, fully equipped with 360-degree video, voiceover and untold stories about the aerospace industry, Your experience is greatly increased.

National Museum of the United States Air Force

A science and technology can't ignore the National Museum of the United States of America's air defense. This is the official museum of the United States Air Force, the place to relive the most memorable moments below the wings of the aircraft.

The virtual reality tour, conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, contains numerous aircraft and military weapons. It also displays aircraft of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

On the virtual tour, visitors can visit and listen to the historical story of each historical witness who fought in World War II, the war in Vietnam or other wars in which the United States participated. in history.

Museum of Science History of Oxford University

Another world-class museum that science devotees cannot ignore, is located within the area of ​​Oxford University. Visit this place right on your living room sofa and start exploring the most amazing artifacts in the history of science.

The models, blueprints or published papers, once made by scientists, are still on display here. More specifically, this place is quite a long time ago when it started offering virtual tours since 1995 and still maintains its good quality to this day. The way to the overwhelmed.

British National Computer Museum

If the computer is an alien to you, then this museum should also be the next stop on your destination list. The National Computer Museum on Bletchley Street, UK records the progress of computers from a giant machine to a compact device that fits in a bag.

The most impressive feature of this museum is probably the year-by-year computer development calendar, from which visitors can feel how the historical flow has affected the computer to prove its existence. Its brand has been around since the 1940s. Do not hesitate, come now.

Boston Science Museum

Your passion for technology will flourish when you visit the Boston Science Museum. It has a long history of exhibiting and exhibiting digital achievements.

For virtual reality tours, visitors can also listen to stories about the history of each artifact, watch videos and even interact with items, which makes it a world-class museum.

London Museum of Natural History

If you fall in love with natural history, you won't want to miss a virtual tour at the Natural History Museum in London's capital London. This tour, developed by Google itself, will make the days of isolation in your home no longer boring.

Not only exhibits are scientific research, archaeological findings, but it also regularly organizes exhibitions themed for the enthusiastic fans.

German National Oceanographic Museum

With the support of Google technology, the German Oceanographic Museum offers a great virtual reality tour to help visitors admire the artifacts collected from the deep sea by scientists.

Located in Stralsund, the coastal city of Baltic Germany, the museum contains wonders that cannot be found on land. If you can't leave the house but still want to dive into the deep water, stop by and don't leave.

Galileo Museum Galilei

Located in the city of Florence, where the imprint of the prominent astronomer Galileo Galilei is imprinted, the Museo Galileo Museum contains artifacts that have existed for centuries as experimental tools and research papers of this Italian scientist .

The display building is not as massive as other major museums in the world, but it has enough information to surprise visitors about the life and heritage of Galilei, and enough to be crowded here at the beginning of the season. summer.

Mercury mine relic

Take a moment away from the ground and go a little bit deeper, a visit to the Mercury Monte Amiata Mines Museum in Santa Fiora, Italy will give visitors the ability to see the ongoing mineral mining in the afternoon. long of history.

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