Infortrend launches next-generation server server optimized for surveillance camera systems

Enterprise storage company Infortrend has launched the new EonServ 5000 Gen2 product line, combining NVR (Network Video Recorder) server and storage system in one device to provide ready-to-use services for surveillance camera solutions. close. Compared to previous solutions, Gen2 enhancements include support for next-generation Intel CPUs, up to 64GB of memory and SAS 12Gb / s high-speed channel with PB-level storage.

Server and storage device integration is a major future trend for enterprise applications, as it reduces deployment and management complexity and, therefore, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). Infortrend's EonServ server, Milestone XProtect® VMS certified, is compatible with various IP cameras and digital video cameras. As an open platform, Milestone VMS allows users to provide flexible functionality to meet their needs. Besides Milmark VMS, EonServ also supports leading VMS, such as Genetic and Digifort, to provide the best video performance for customers.

EonServ 5000 Gen2 is designed with Intel Core i3 and Xeon E processors to boost performance by over 50%. Its memory capacity and transfer speed are now doubling to 64GB and the hard drive interface reaches 12Gb / s. Moreover, the drive slot for the operating system has been upgraded to a mobile slot design, making it easier to replace and maintain. From the power supply unit and cooling fan to the controller, all the main components adopt a modular design to reduce maintenance complexity and provide the fastest and most accurate technical support. .

The security surveillance industry needs low cost capacity, high system scalability and performance, data protection and even scalability to the cloud. I am confident that the launch of the EonServ 5000 Gen2 storage server along with our other hosting solutions will satisfy customers with various monitoring deployment scenarios, Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product planning said.

Highlights of the EonServ 5000 Gen2 product

Data storage device and NVR server integration
Milmark VMS is certified and supports Genetec and Digifort for high video quality and best performance
Support up to 316 drives through expansion boxes with up to 4PB storage capacity
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