Many facts point to Adam becoming Satoshi

Last year, created a chain that revealed many facts that pointed out some individuals might just be Satoshi Nakamoto and it is a popular activity so far. Our series has covered almost everyone, but there are still a few shelter individuals who are covered. On May 11, 2020, the famous YouTube channel, Bar Barely Social, published a video called Un Unkingking Satoshi Nakamoto, directly claiming that Blockchain CEO Adam Back could be the mysterious inventor. Bitcoin.

The new video point for Adam to return is Bitcoin Bitcoin inventor

In mid-May, YouTube channel, Bar Barely Social, a creator of popular analytics videos for odd corners of the Internet, published a new video called Drake Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto. The video creator has 391,000 subscribers, and the Unoshiking Satoshi video has been viewed more than 290,000 times so far. The video has also been posted to three Reddit forums related to cryptocurrencies r / cryptocurrency, r / bitcoin and r / btc. The social film Barely was immediately removed from the r / bitcoin forum, it was discussed in r / cryptocurrency but was underestimated, and it was flagged for voting on the r / btc forum. The video explains the huge disconnect between the two large factions of large block supporters and small block supporters, and how they go to certain bitcoin community members. It also takes advantage of situational evidence illustrating how Adam Back, Blockstream's CEO might be Satoshi Nakamoto.

On May 11, 2020, YouTube personality Barley Social posted a video claiming Adam Back to be Satoshi Nakamoto.
Everything started well before the Bitcoin white paper was published in Halloween 2008, when Adam Back described the technology on various occasions and even from 1998. However, before the release of cryptocurrencies and white paper, Back seems to have excluded himself from the public Eyes during Satoshi's development from 2009 to 2010. Coincidentally after Satoshi left, Back appeared on the forum as if he were here. pretty long, explain the Barely Social video.

The movie Barely Social, there are also some other types of circumstantial evidence that shows that Back could be the creator of the cryptocurrency. For many years, in the early days, many people thought that Back ignored Bitcoin for a while, and then joined the community with great enthusiasm for technology. Going back to the first post and replying to other bitcoins on the forum showed that his technical understanding of blockchain was more advanced than most. Barely Social also emphasized that when Back joined the community after Satoshi left, he took control of the people around him as he was always there.

There are two unsettled Satoshi emails and supposedly legitimate posts from the creator of Bitcoin Bitcoin. This email is one of them from 2015 during the open war.

Theymos, Censorship, Open Discussion, and Gavin Andresen

In addition, the video compares the style of writing Satoshi words with the Back style, as they both double the space and spell their words in English. Barely Social also mentioned the 2015 email supposedly coming from Satoshi, which has never been controversial. Moreover, the video narrator talked about how Adam Back told people that Satoshi had written to him, but unlike Mike Hearn, Back never shared these corresponding emails.

The Social Film Barley also dives into 2015-2017 manipulation and propaganda activities stemming from the debate about block size. In this part of the video, it shows that the r / bitcoin owner, Theymos thief, has censored thousands of people and thousands of posts and still exists to this day. Theymos operates r / bitcoin,, the bitcoin wiki and he also has some control over with an anonymous individual named Bitcoin Cobra Bitcoin. The Barley Social community video shows evidence that Back and the other members of Blockstream are complicit with Theymos and his censorship techniques.

Gavin Andresen talked about Craig Wright in May 2016.

The video further talks about the role of Gavin Andresen, when Satoshi handed over the project to the former lead developer. The Barley Social Land video details how Andresen fights against specific Bitcoin Core developers controlling the project and the influence of Blockstream. The video showed little deviation and explained that both sides of the debate were seeking control. Barely Social has also published a debate between Andresen and the core developers, and Adam Back participated in the discussion. Other prominent members of the discussion included Rusty Russell, Greg Maxwell, Theymos and many other Bitcoin Core developers.

Recently, Mr. Gavin Andresen talked about community division on May 26, 2020.

When Back appeared in the discussion, he opposed the fork in the first place and said that the Bitcoin community needs an opportunity to foster cooperation and consensus to minimize risks. Barley Social assumes that a lot of developers know that Back is Satoshi and maybe some people have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The video also states that although Andresen named Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto in May 2016, it was made to be misleading.

The movie shows that Back Back Blockchain Company intentionally stopped scaling onchain, so the company could provide relief to the community with the Liquid sidechain project. Basically, the belief is that the company has blocked the size of onchain and hard branches, to require revenue from transaction fees. This is probably the reason why the Bitcoin Cash community and r / btc forum don't like the Barely Social theory, because they consider Bitcoin's enemies Back and Blockflow.

Many facts point to Adam becoming Satoshi

Back has been accused of allowing Theymos to censor thousands of people and post on various forums and websites. Theymos continues to censor to this day and is a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency space. Theymos also raised 6,000 BTC ($ 56 million at today's exchange rate) to update but the site was never upgraded.

The r / bitcoin censorship probably stems from the fact that the video doesn't expose the mass censorship that Lei has been annoying subreddit for years. Adam Back also denied that Satoshi Nakamoto and recently rejected this theory publicly. Back told Decode that he's not Satoshi and said: It's just people speculating, but I'm not Satoshi. To truncate the search and dig Google. Back also spoke on Twitter and stated:

Some people claim to be Satoshi, the day google studies blog stories, and in court, in order not to believe widely. It seems I need the opposite: I'm not Satoshi despite recent [video] / Reddit claims so. Some factors & times may look suspicious in hindsight; Coincidence & truth is not neat.

Of course, Barely Social said in the first part of the film that Back can always take advantage of a reasonable decline. There is also a recent Youtube video, including cryptocurrency expert, Tone Vays, which is countering Barely Social's video. Although Barely Social was present in the live chat, he was not allowed to argue about Vay's criticism, which was filled with common insults and logical fallacies.

The CEO of Blockstream and Barely Social has also been debating this topic on Twitter for a long time. According to the video and coincidentally, there are also some of the spending and messages on the BTC blockchain originating from early addresses from 2009 and 2010. A block of 50 BTC from February 2009, a month after the Bitcoin network was launched out, was spent and sent to another address.