Meaning of icons on Apple Watch

Because of the watch face design, the Apple Watch displays a lot of content through icons, and users will understand the status and content through those icons.

With a few familiar icons that you already know, there are many other icons that we do not know what it is and what content it shows on Apple Watch. This will have some influence on the use and experience of the features on the Apple Watch.

The following article will summarize the meaning of the icons displayed on the Apple Watch face for readers to understand when using the device.

1. Apple Watch Control Center icon
To access the Control Center on Apple Watch you can not open from the main screen but need to press the Digital Crown to go to the watch face or open an application.

2. Apple Watch status bar icon

Biểu tượng thanh trạng thái Apple Watch

Biểu tượng thanh trạng thái Apple Watch