Microsoft and Dell pour hundreds of millions of dollars into artificial intelligence startups

In the last 6 years, Dell has invested US $ 600 million in about 100 startups in this field.
In an interview with CNBC, Scott Darling, chairman of Dell's technology investment fund, said that the rate of return on startups in the field of artificial intelligence is very high, which led to the first explosion. invest in this area.

Mr. Nagraj Kashyap - Chairman of Microsoft's technology investment fund also agreed with the above opinion. He believes that innovation will not stop at large corporations like Microsoft, and artificial intelligence will help change the workplace.

Mr. Nagraj Kashyap - Chairman of Microsoft's M12 technology investment fund.

Dell and Microsoft are constantly investing in startups that they believe are highly commercial. The two investors also accompany projects in product development, trade and product distribution. This helps startups have the advantages of being a leader in their field.

Specifically, Microsoft invested $ 30 million in GO1, a startup providing online training software. GO1 is a service that can operate on any software platform, allowing HR departments to access 50,000 skills training courses, from leadership skills to computer skills. Courses are available in multiple languages ​​to suit each country's human resources.

The growth rate of GO1 is now 300% per year. GO1 products have been integrated into Microsoft's group chat software along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM software. This gives GO1 1.5 million learners and more than 1,500 customers worldwide. Mr. Eigeland - the founder of GO1 said that the biggest challenge for employers now is training skills for employees and finding the right training for their needs. He also affirmed that advanced technology measures were the solution to this problem.

Mr. Matthew Carroll - CEO of Immuta - one of the startups that raised $ 20 million from Dell's investment fund also confirmed that in the near future, every employee will have automatic machines to help them do their jobs. analysis of daily data analysis. The development and application of artificial intelligence also causes a number of problems. Businesses need to ensure data is used properly and privacy is protected and does not violate any laws of the state.

According to Gartner, the artificial intelligence market will be worth about 3.9 trillion US dollars by 2022, of which about 30 billion will belong to the field of data management. "In the next 5-10 years, artificial intelligence will change the working environment, and the leading companies will catch up with this trend," said Nagraj Kashyap.