Ribbed liquid metal helps the robot to heal itself

In Japan, robotic researchers from Tokyo University's JSK Laboratory have created a prototype robotic leg with a metal ribbed that can repair fractures.

The future not far from a robot's ability to heal itself seems no longer a fantasy.

How did it do this? Simply by melting itself and then changing itself into a single piece.

The work was presented at the recent IEEE / RSJ 2019 International Conference on Smart Robots and Systems (IROS).

Researchers who developed a special metal veins for robots from Japan said the module will automatically recover consists of two halves connected through magnets and springs.

Each half of the module is filled with an alloy with a low melting point of only 50 degrees Celsius. When the fuse breaks, the cartridges melt the alloy and allow the two halves to fuse together.

Although the fused joints were not as strong as they were before the incident, the researchers observed that the slight vibration of the joints during melting and reorganizing resulted in a joint that initially had strength. 90%.

Especially this can be further optimized in the future. Therefore, it can be considered as a future breakthrough of robots.