Russian missiles crumble in orbit

Russian space agency Roscosmos on 10/5 confirmed that Fregat-SB "drift" in space was broken into pieces.

The launch of Russia's Spektr-R satellite in 2011. Photo: AFP.

Fregat-SB is an "expired" rocket, used in the launch of Russia's scientific Spektr-R satellite in orbit on July 18, 2011. Its disintegration was discovered by the 18th Space Control Squadron, an American air force unit that specializes in tracking cosmic debris.

"The incident occurred on May 8, 2020 above the Indian Ocean sky," Roscosmos confirmed. "We are working to collect data on the number of fragments and their orbits."

Estimates, the rocket has broken into at least 65 pieces. Initial investigations showed no sign of collision.

Fregat-SB is one of the millions of cosmic debris flying around the Earth at an altitude of 800 - 2,000 km above sea level. The Spektr-R radio telescope launched into space has also stopped working since 2019. The debris floating in orbit is considered a major threat to active satellites as well as incidents. Future spacecraft launch.