Score of Supermicro UltraServer 1U series servers

Supermicro offers its NVMe high-speed storage product portfolio including UltraServer 1U and 2U server products, with 24 hard drive trays featuring legendary orange latches, supporting hard drives. NVMe / SAS / SATA, powered by 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable platforms. These UltraServer models offer high flexibility, storage density and performance, ideal for setting up super converged systems. (HCI), software defined storage (SDS). UltraServer is also optimized for enterprise-class total solutions to deploy virtualization systems, databases or critical applications that require high frequency and data access speed.

Supermicro UltraServer series:

Highlights of the Supermicro UltraServer server line
Dual socket design supports the highest TDP CPUs.
The best features include All-Flash NVMe, Hybrid Storage and optimization with lowest access latency.
Extensive and scalable, high-speed network connectivity, including Max / IO cards and Ultra Riser.

Hyper-Speed ​​and Hyper-Turbo Technology
Supermicro's Hyper-Speed ​​and Hyper-Turbo technologies are implemented with the latest VRM components and firmware optimized to focus on flexible options. With Hyper-Speed, the CPU, memory and PCI-E cards are pre-accelerated in locking mode for the most reliable performance. Combined with Hyper-Speed, Hyper-Turbo allows the host system CPU to maintain the maximum frequency in Turbo mode for large workloads, resulting in highly stable and efficient system operation.

Unique, flexible, high-speed networking with an Ultra Riser card
Supermicro Ultra Server supports the optional Ultra Riser cards to provide flexible network solutions to maximize availability and use of PCI-E slots, helping the server not only save more space on the side. in making the system ventilation, heat dissipation and cooling better, but also makes the machine more compact. High-speed network options, from 1GbE, 10GbE (RJ45 & SFP +), 25GbE (SFP28) to 40GbE (QSFP +) and especially 100GbE (QSFP28) options; These options allow the Ultra Server series to maximize all aspects of the system's configuration and performance at both 1U and 2U.