Supermicro introduces the second generation AMD EPYC ™ server portfolio with record performance benchmarks

SAN JOSE, California, April 14, 2020 - Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), one of the leading global server hardware vendors, leading in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology, has announced its industry-leading server portfolio. Optimized for 2nd generation AMD EPYC ™ processors that have achieved 27 benchmark scores and world-class performance. In addition to the industry's first blade platform, Supermicro's new H12 A + server portfolio fully supports high-frequency AMD EPYC 7Fx2 Series processors recently announced.
Besides the new H12 SuperBlade® blade server family together with Twin A + dual-socket and multi-socket servers, Supermicro also introduces the next generation A + server series, 4U servers supporting eight double-width GPUs. With PCI-E 4.0 x16 support, these A + servers can provide 200Gbps connectivity and have a large memory capacity of up to 4TB per 1 CPU for DDR4 RAM, with clock speeds up to 3200 MHz.

"The Supermicro A + server based on the AMD EPYC Gen 2nd processor platform has achieved 27 benchmark scores, a world record, and the number is still rising," Vik Malyala, senior vice president, engineering Supermicro's field and business development say. “Our A + server has achieved a world record performance for the TPCx-IoT benchmark score, with TwinPro ™ H12 creating the highest performance and lowest cost per performance level with the processor. New high frequency AMD EPYC 7Fx2.

Dan McNamara, senior vice president and general manager, server business, said we are excited about the new lineup of AMD EPYC Gen 2nd servers from Supermicro and especially blade servers. The industry's first AMD EPYC Blade. By taking advantage of the significantly enhanced performance of the new high-frequency AMD EPYC 7Fx2 processor, Supermicro can help deliver better results to customers' critical workloads.

Supermicro's latest generation H12 Series + building block systems and solutions optimized for AMD EPYC ™ 7002 processors provide new application-optimized performance levels per watt and per USD, bringing again outstanding core density, large memory bandwidth and efficient performance. Both generation servers and motherboards of Supermicro H11 and H12 are compatible with AMD EPYC ™ 2nd generation processors and can support DDR4-3200 MHz memory. This provides the ability to quickly upgrade and expand the system and protect investments on A + H11 gen systems for new and existing deployments.

The new A + SuperBlade has a resource-saving architecture optimized for performance and density with up to 20 single socket buttons that can be hot-plugged in an 8U chassis and integrated network connectivity up to 100G EDR InfiniBand with 200G HDR coming soon. With shared cooling, electricity and network infrastructure, A + SuperBlade delivers high performance, optimized density and energy savings, greatly reducing initial investment costs and costs. Operate for many systems and business organizations.

Supermicro A + WIO systems offer a variety of I / O options that allow customers to optimize storage and networking alternatives to speed up performance, increase efficiency and be the perfect fit for their applications. These single-socket 1U servers support three high-speed PCI 4.0 x16, 8 or 16 DIMM RAM slots and a highly efficient Platinum Level power supply with redundancy. Both WIO and Ultra A + systems can support 10-24 NVMe drives for each single or dual processor system without requiring a PCI-E adapter to provide excellent storage performance, applications. Optimized for high performance storage systems, requiring fast speed and extremely low latency.

To maximize AI, Deep Learning, and HPC workloads, Supermicro's new A + GPU system supports up to eight double-width (or one-width) GPUs through attached 4.0 x16 CPU-GPU lanes. Direct CPU without any PCI-E conversion, offering lowest latency and highest bandwidth. The system also supports up to three high-performance PCI-E 4.0 expansion slots for a variety of uses, including high-speed networking up to 100G. An additional AIOM slot supports AIOM Supermicro card or OCP 3.0 badger card for optional high-speed network cards that save costs and PCIE slots

Supermicro offers an industry-leading portfolio of EPYC-based systems and Server Building Block Solutions® including ATX and E-ATX motherboards. From primary WIO servers, single sockets to high-end Ultra server systems and multi-node systems, including BigTwin ™ and TwinPro ™, Supermicro allows customers to build application optimization solutions with countless configurability, which adds a wide range of options with values ​​and performance that suit every customer's requirements.

Server Series supporting AMD EPYC Gen 1 & 2:

At Nhat Tien Chung, we offer a wide range of servers, mainboards supporting the use of AMD EPYC Gen 1 & 2 chips, suitable for many requirements on configuration and applications of businesses, with product systems. mainstream as TwinServer, GPU-Server; Server-System or Server-Workstation.

Typical and being used by businesses nowadays are UltraServer with extremely high performance: SuperServer AS -1124US-TNR (1U); AS-2124US-TNRP (2U), support up to 2x CPU 128 cores; 32 DDR4 RAM slots with option to use 24 high-speed NVME SSDs ....

Products about Datacenter include AS -1114S-WTRT; AS -1123US-TR4; AS -2123US-TN24R25M provides very good performance (up to 2x CPU; 3200Mhz RAM with HDD SAS and NVMe hard drive options with high speed and low latency. Or you can use the device) Multi-node Server Twin design to optimize cost of investment, collocation and infrastructure, such as AS-AS1414TP-HTR servers (2U 4 nodes, support 4x CPU, 32 DIMM and 12 HDD 3.5 hard drives Cao high storage density); AS -2124BT-HNTR (2U 4 nodes, supports 8x CPU, 64 DIMM with up to 16TB Memory and 24 2.5 2.5 hard drive with optional SAS / SATA or NVME SSD drive) to high-speed storage density and low latency) suitable for high-performance computing systems HPC, Hyper-converged infrastructure HCI and high-end applications in Datacenter environment .... Maximum service for the Premium application for businesses with reasonable and effective investment

With artificial intelligence, Deep learning, HPC or VDI models ... we have A + Server 4124GS-TNR model that can meet different usage requirements, support a large number of slots, the system can be mounted. up to NVIDIA's Tesla or Quadro GPU cards (T4, P4, P40, P100 or Tesla V100).

In addition, in the workstation segment, the SuperWorkstation AS-4023S-TRT model is a typical system, or you can also build an optional server configuration yourself with the use of mainboards and chassis, such as the Mainboard H12DSU. -iN, H12SSW-NT, H12DST-B ... combined with chassis like SC119UHTS-R1K22HP-T (1U), SC219U2TS-R1K62P-TN24, SC217BHQ + -R2K22BP (2U) ...