The most durable life jacket in the world, the fabric is 15 times stronger than steel

Dutch firm Vollebak has just launched a life jacket which is known as the most durable in the world with a dyneema outer surface - a fabric 15 times harder than steel.

For years, this extreme sportswear brand has created the best and most durable outfits on the planet. With the product "Indestructible Puffer", the surface of the shirt cannot be waterproof or cut or torn.

Super durable life jacket of Vollebak. (Photo: O.C).

According to Oddity Central, Vollebak's official website advertises: “Each fabric of the outer surface of the shirt is 15 times stronger than steel. So if you wear a steel-plated shirt of the same weight, the Indestructible Puffer is 15 times more durable. ”

Close-up of dyneema fibers of the outer surface of the shirt. (Photo: O.C).

Dyneema fibers are often used to make bulletproof vests, anti-missile armored vehicles, container ship anchors and ropes to fix rigs in icy waters.

Manufacturers use knife slitting strength test.

Most life jackets are designed to be lightweight, so the outer layer is usually made of polyester and nylon fibers that are easy to tear. However, Vollebak's shirt is covered with 100% dyneema so it is very durable. The weight of the "Indestructible Puffer" is about 2.5kg but will not tear after at least 1-2 years of use. The price is 985 USD (nearly 23 million VND).

An interesting point about this life jacket is that it will protect the wearer as much as the ambient temperature is lower. It will increase 5-10% durability when the temperature drops below -50 degrees Celsius. Vollebak claims that at the coldest temperature ever recorded, the "Indestructible Puffer" will become the most durable shirt and protect the wearer well. Best.

Although called "indestructible lifejacket", Vollebak's jacket is not really "inviolable". Like most life jackets, it is very flammable and can be penetrated by bullets.