Chinese electric car company wants equality in the US

The founder and CEO of electric car maker Nio pointed out that Tesla is warmly welcomed in China for demanding fairness in the US.

The US government ensuring that Chinese automakers have fair and equal access to the US market is Nio's desire. At this time, Nio is continuing to expand into the world market and enter new regions in Europe.

William Li, founder and CEO of Nio, believes that Chinese automakers face many obstacles when selling cars in the US, and that it is simply due to politics and protectionism, as opposed to almost totally with how Tesla is being welcomed in China, where the US electric car company is growing so fast.

Nio's headquarters in the US. Photo: Nio

"The world should be more open and stop politicizing business," Li told the Financial Times , adding "the global political climate has been completely different since we founded the firm in 2015, especially." after the pandemic caused division and protest". Li also said that Chinese customers have a lot to choose from new energy vehicles, so why can't these products reach American customers.

Li said the high tariffs on cars made in China make it difficult for them to bring products to the US. In addition, it is still uncertain about the preferential policies from the support package to reduce inflation.

According to Li, 75% of Nio's investors are from outside China, and the company has listed in the US even though it has not sold cars in the country. Nio has also been based in the US. This means that the company is just waiting for the right time to start doing business.

In China, Nio's market share, which includes both electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, fell from 2.3% in the first quarter to 1.3% in the second, with a total of 23,520 vehicles delivered to customers. But in the context that China has surpassed Japan to become the world's largest auto exporter, Nio can grow in the near future thanks to the effects of the general trend.

Nio is currently investing heavily in Europe, where electric vehicles enjoy generous incentives and are especially popular in some countries. The Chinese automaker is also rolling out a network of battery exchange stations in Europe as a way to set itself apart from the competition.

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