QNAP TBS-453DX M.2 SSD NASbook Is Now Available To Users

QNAP has announced the availability of the TBS-453DX NASbook, a compact storage solution ideal for mobile workers and those with limited workspace. Featuring a compact design, four M.2 SATA SSD slots, supporting more than 20 linked cloud storage spaces and local caching, TBS-453DX has HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz output, transcoding hardware and streaming. A 10GbE N-BASET connection is also provided, based on Aquantia's Multi-Gig controller.

The TBS-453DX uses a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron J4105 quad-core processor (up to 2.5 GHz) and DDR4 memory can be upgraded up to 8GB. Although the M.2 2280 SATA 6Gb / s SSD must be purchased separately, QNAP allows easy access, installation and maintenance of RAM and SSD. TBS-453DX also has QNAP's new Cloud Gateway service, allowing users to attach more than 20 cloud storage services to effectively store, backup and restore files. With CacheMount and VJBOD Cloud, files on the cloud can be stored locally in the CacheMount Cache of TBS-453DX. This also allows users to access and work with frequently used files with very low latency. In addition, QNAP points out that TBS-453DX users take advantage of providing additional SSDs for providing more OP space for SSDs (from 1% to 60%) to increase SSD random write speed and lifespan.
The TBS-453DX also has a range of media usage features, supporting media playback on TVs and monitors that use HDMI 2.0 output (up to 4K @ 60Hz). It is also capable of converting 4K videos to universal file formats for smoother playback on less powerful devices. TBS-453DX is also compatible with streaming applications via Plex and Roon Server.

As usual, the new QNAP runs the QTS NAS operating system, creating an easy-to-use solution for centralized storage, backup, sharing, synchronization and management. The operating system also provides block-based snapshot protection, the ability to store multiple virtual machines, and packaged applications and access the Application Center, which comes with hundreds of applications required for installation.

Technical data

TBS-453DX-4G: 4 GB DDR2 RAM (2 x 2 GB), upgradeable to 8GB
TBS-453DX-8G: 8 GB DDR4 RAM (2 x 4 GB)
Intel Celeron J4105 quad-core 1.5 GHz processor (burst up to 2.5 GHz) with AES-NI support; 4 GB / 8 GB DDR4 dual-channel memory (upgradable to 8 GB); 4x M.2 2280 SATA 6Gb / s SSD slots; 1x 10GbE RJ45 port, 1x 1GbE RJ45 port; 1x HDMI 2.0 (4K @ 60Hz) output; 3x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, 4x USB 2.0 Type-A ports; 2x 3.5mm microphone jacks (dynamic microphones only), 1x Line Out audio jack; 2x speakers; IR sensor (IR remote control sold separately)
Now ready

Currently, the NASbook TBS-453DX M.2 SSD is available. The Cloud Gateway service mentioned above is expected to be released in Q1 2019.