To make your home Wi-Fi better, turn off the microwave

In the time people work from home, the UK Internet Authority (Ofcom) has provided some tips to help improve the quality of Wi-Fi.

Specifically, Ofcom said the microwave can also reduce the Wi-Fi signal, advising people to avoid using this device while making video calls, watching movies or doing important work on the Internet.

We should not use the microwave during work and entertainment to have better Wi-Fi signal. (Photo: Good Housekeeping).

Note that the microwave only interferes with the Wi-Fi signal at 2.4 GHz, while the 5 GHz band does not. Ofcom's advice comes as more and more people work from home making Internet bandwidth clogged.

In addition, users can apply some other ways to improve network quality as follows:

Do not place the Wi-Fi router near potentially jamming devices such as phones, halogen lights, dimmers, sound systems, computer speakers, projectors, and even TVs.
During peak times, do not make video calls as this will weaken the Internet connection on other devices.
Use Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.
Avoid using Wi-Fi extension devices as this may cause conflicts and interference.
Turn off Wi-Fi connection on mobile devices when not in use.

As the number of people at home is increasing, the network infrastructure is faced with meeting a large amount of demand. (Photo: iStock).

Network congestion makes it difficult for users to send messages or lose server connectivity on online communication applications, which hinders the process of working remotely.

In this situation, a number of technology companies such as Netflix, YouTube or Disney have agreed to limit streaming video quality so as not to put pressure on the Internet connection.